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Welcome to
Little Learners Literacy Academy

img-homeSmiles, laughter and joyful chatter! All day long, this is what resonates through our facility at Little Learners Literacy Academy. We are a privately-owned and operated Early Childhood Education provider based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our focused dedication is to bring quality educational programs for the youngest members of the community. Our program provides high quality and affordable care in a diverse atmosphere.

Our approach to nurturing young minds involves facilitating age-appropriate activities that will develop kids physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually. Our programs focus on foundational literacy skills. Children enjoy read alouds, dramatic play, and interactive literacy lessons.

Being in a multi-cultural society, Little Learners Literacy Academy is accepting enrollees from different ethnic backgrounds and we celebrate each young child for who he or she is. We educate them to be fun-loving, kind and intellectually creative individuals. We celebrate diversity through art, music and literature.

We believe that having a happy and fulfilling life in adulthood foundationally starts in our childhood. Because of this, Little Learners Literacy Academy strives to facilitate activities and educational programs that give meaningful experiences for your child’s formative years.

We invite you to a wonderful learning experience! Call us at 267-455-0048 for enrollment inquiries.

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